4 Tips For Naming Your Business

Have you been stuck trying to figure out a name for your business?

Here are 4 ways to help you get started.

1. Brainstorm.

Try your best to be creative and come up with names naturally. Think of something unique but that still makes sense with your business. Put words together think of names or places that are sentimental to you, and jot down all your thoughts.

2. After you have a decent amount of options write them all down. Preferably in order starting from the least favorite of your creations, this is so that as you check availability you can scratch off what you want least if the next option is available.

Something else I like to do is play around with how the name looks on cards, a logo, etc. some names sound great but don’t flow with the rest of your “brand in your head”.

3. Check and make sure the name you want is available on social media as well as Gmail. Sometimes people will come up with names for their IG or email but they aren’t business owners, and that prevents you from having a cohesive brand when your social handles or email address have to be different from your website.

Example your website is www.ibakecakes.com but your email is bakecakes22@email.com and your IG is ibakethecakes-2247

4. Once 1-3 are checked off make sure your domain is available on GoDaddy and buy it! I think it’s better to buy from GoDaddy because then yuh can use it on whatever web building platform you choose to go with...

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