A Day In My Life As A Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jul 27

Working from home has its pros and its cons. Want to go through them? Well, I do, soooooo, here we go...

Ok, let's start with the pros first

  • you're home - I mean that's self-explanatory...

  • you can make your own schedule - that is, if you also work for yourself

  • food is right around the corner - my favorite pro

  • you can wear pajamas!

  • you can work from your bed!!!

  • watching tv isn't prohibited - it's welcomed! AS IT SHOULD BE

  • ANDDDD my second favorite thing - you can work from anywhere - home, cafes, THE BEACH!!!!

And, here are the cons...

  • you can make your own schedule - which means, you have to stick to it and not procrastinate...

  • It's sooooo easy to put off work until later in the day, and then just not do it at all - oh right, that's procrastinating!

  • if you don't live alone, your work hours and time may not be respected by others and they could constantly bother you

For me, there are definitely more pros than cons. That could be different for everyone. Is it for you?

Now, talking about how my day goes, it's honestly different each day. It depends on what's on the agenda for that week. I'll have a to-do list for the week and then I'll break it down into what to accomplish each day. But, let's just go with an ordinary day.

Typically, I'll wake up naturally. I try to sleep as long as I can if I don't have anything to do in the morning. But usually, my eyes will pop open around 8:30-9:30 and I won't be able to fall back to sleep. This is the time that the irritation sinks in and so I promptly grab my phone to start my day. Each day what I do in this hour changes. Sometimes I'll respond to messages, others I'll be scrolling socials, and then some days I'll be making content and coming up with new ideas and products for my businesses. After about an hour, the irritation of being awake has usually died down.

So I'll get up and start my morning routine.

  • make bed

  • put on my first skincare product

  • open my blinds

  • clear off surfaces in my room

  • plug my iPad into charge

  • put on my second skincare product

  • Change into a cute or comfy outfit

  • put on face moisturizer and SPF

  • and finally - MAKEUP!

I really do enjoy putting on makeup. I'll do it even if I keep my pajamas on through the day. It's just so nice looking in the mirror and seeing my face done. I'll also put my favorite perfume on each day because I truly believe you should get ready and pretty for yourself.

Finally, it's breakfast time! Which is actually more like lunch because I cannot eat right when I wake up. I'll typically start working while I'm eating. Here are some things I may do for my work day.

  • create Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest Content for my client's socials - this includes captions

  • Schedule all of the content to automatically post

  • Write a blog, or two, for my client's website

  • upload new products to my client's websites

These are just some of the services I provide, but I try not to work more than 5 hours a day. Work/life balance is very important to me but as a creative, the lines can get blurred. After my work is done, I'll spend the rest of the day relaxing or doing something for myself or my businesses. And of course, I'll spend some time with the fam.

Like I said before, each day is different, but that's the fun of working from home and for yourself. What does a day in your life look like?

- Gabrielle Elise

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