Do You Even Pin?

Hey EntrepreneuHer!

Let's jump straight into it. "Pinning" is a Pinterest term used to upload or share a product or photo of your own or others (for your business it should be your own). Pinterest is a social network that allows its users to visually share and/or discover new interest by posting (pinning) images or videos!

As an experiment, our founder decided to take a step back from Instagram and solely focus on Pinterest to see what her website traffic and conversion rates would be like if Instagram was out of the picture. With so many changes going on with Instagram especially for those with business accounts it's helpful to see/know what else is out there and beneficial. What she found was astonishing! Recently she decided to get serious about blogging and podcasting and has been spending time doing free marketing to see what brings her the most traffic, Instagram was the lowest of all sources. Her top 3 were Google, Yelp, and Pinterest. Being that she hadn't used Pinterest in months she decided to see how her business would be affected if she used it consistently for 30 days. In just the first 10 days her blog views drastically increased, her conversions were higher and she got multiple new bookings!

So do you pin? Here are some reasons you should...

Pinterest drives A LOT of traffic to your business, it's more effective at driving traffic to your site than any other social media platform.

Pins get you connected. When "Pinning" things you have to connect or link, your website to each pin. So that means with every pin clicked a person is going to your site.

Millions of people are searching for something on Pinterest. Literally, millions. Over 250 million users each day! Imagine Imagine tapping into 1% of that? Or, .5% of those millions!

Women! Women make up 71% of Pinterest users. So Ladies, if your business is for women, by women, Pinterest is definitely for you.

Our next blog will tell you how to use Pinterest efficiently.

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