How To Effectively Plan Your Week

Have you ever gone into a week with numerous goals only to end it without achieving any? Or do you look back at the end of a week and wonder how it passed by with you achieving so little? Well, if your answer is yes, it’s most likely because you’re yet to try out week planning!

Planning your week allows you to optimize your time and achieve your goals. It also helps you stay in control of both your work and personal life. So for helpful tips on how to plan your week, keep reading below!

  • Gather your tools

Before you start planning, you need to gather necessary tools to help you keep your plans organized. So get a pen and journal or markers and sticky notes and a calendar you can mark. You can also download applications like Asana on your mobile device to mark deadlines.

  • Write down your weekly goals

What are the things you have to do this week? Is it a work meeting, an event at your child’s school, or a doctor’s appointment? Whatever it is, write it down in your journal or on a note app. 

Another way to go about this is to write down your goals for the month and then break them into weekly goals. Once you have everything written down, you can proceed to the next step!

  • Prioritize

Now that you have a comprehensive list of goals you hope to achieve for the week, scan through it, and highlight the most important. For instance, you can choose to prioritize appointments and meetings over spa visits and dates or to tackle activities with a closer deadline first.

  • Make a schedule

Create a weekly schedule based on the priority list. Begin with the most important and work your way down to the least important.

  • Stick to the schedule

It’s one thing to create an effective schedule and another thing entirely to stick with it. Still, one is just as essential as the other. So make up your mind to follow this schedule and watch your week be super productive!

  • Bottom Line

If you’re unable to keep to your schedule during the first week, don’t take it to heart. Simply view it as a sign that that particular scheduling method doesn’t work for you, and create another. In time, you’ll find one that will suit your lifestyle perfectly!

Name: Lucia Omonobi

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