How To Nail An Over The Phone Interview

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Have you ever applied to a job and landed an over the phone interview? Were you nervous? While some may feel it's less pressure than an in-

person interview, the truth is it's almost just as much! The interviewer is listening very carefully and paying attention to details that may be looked over if your presence was actually required! So we interviewed a girl boss and asked her for some tips on how to do great and get the job when your interview is over the phone. Below are Her top tips!

Be yourself! If you have a great personality then nine times out of ten you’ll be perfect for phone support, let that personality show through the phone! Even though the interview is over the phone still get up, sit up, and be

dressed for the job! Sit in front of a mirror and when you're answering act as if you are actually talking to someone face-to-face during the interview. They will be paying attention to see if you have excellent listening skills. So don’t immediately speak after each question is asked. Take a break and make sure they are finished with their thoughts and most importantly summarize. If you get a situational question relax, be honest, and try to answer in this format... Number one, describe the situation or task that you are using as your answer. Number two, describe the actions you took to resolve the situation. Number three, describe the results of your actions. Try to think of some examples before the actual interview. If you can, provide examples that either deal with support or are particularly under stressful circumstances without being overly dramatic. Also, don’t be over familiar or too comfortable with the interviewer, you guys aren't BFF's just having a regular phone conversation, be yourself but be professional!

Lastly, write down three questions to ask them at the end of the interview. They will ask if you have any questions and if you just say no they’ll think you don’t really care about the position or you don’t really want the job. You definitely want to seem interested because obviously, you are if you applied!

Thanks for your tips Boss!

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