Make Your Bad Habits Disappear, and Improve Your Life One Change at a Time

We all have bad habits that we need to address. Unfortunately, some are worse than others and have a profound and long-lasting impact on our mental and physical wellness. It is up to you to evaluate yourself and your actions so that you can improve all areas of your life.

Today, EntrepreneuHerWay explains how to change your mindset by letting go of bad habits.

Habits That Hurt Your Health

Your health is one of many things that you have that you could lose at a moment's notice. If you are not currently taking steps to keep yourself strong and healthy, then that moment may come sooner than you hope. Eating from the drive-through every day, failing to exercise, and running off less than seven hours of sleep each night are exponentially harmful. Instead, prioritize cooking at home, getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and going to bed in time so that you can be well-rested when the alarm clock goes off.

Work Woes

Self-doubt, micromanagement, and long hours coupled with a hostile working condition and low wages all cause stress on the job. When you no longer like waking up, and punching the time clock feels more of a chore than it’s worth, it’s time to change careers. But, do not let now be a time when anxiety holds you back. Instead of letting it stop you in your tracks, turn your discomfort into something positive. Break out of your comfort zone, reach for the stars, and don’t be afraid to strive for more than you think you’re ready for. You may just find the perfect career just over the next hurdle.

Toxic Troubles

Toxic relationships affect you in more ways than you might imagine. They can break down your mental health, and leave you feeling like you are worthy of far less than you are. Do not allow yourself to become a pawn in someone’s sick game of abuse or control. Toxicity is not just found in romantic relationships, either. If you have friends or even relatives that make you feel anything other than safe and secure, it’s time to cut the cord here as well. A quick note: if you are involved in a domestic violence situation, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800.799.SAFE

Senseless Self-Neglect

Self-neglect comes in many forms, from living an unhealthy lifestyle to forgetting about our own needs and focusing on ourselves last. While we are conditioned to be amenable and accommodating, there comes a point when this is more harmful than anything. If you find that you no longer have time for things like self-care, socialization, or other personal necessities, it’s time to clear your calendar. You do not have to be the neighborhood nanny or the coffee courier at work. It’s okay to say no so that you can carve out time to make yourself a priority.

Stop Stress!

Easier said than done, right? Actually, it can be easy, especially if you make stress reduction a priority. Ignoring stress can be a symptom of self-neglect, and we’re talking about making bad habits disappear, so focus on making stress disappear!

Find ways to lighten your load. Maybe that’s by hiring someone to clean your house or using Instacart for grocery shopping. Implement practices like meditation and yoga, which can naturally help you lower stress and manage your triggers. If your living environment has seen better days, this can stress you out too! Take time to clean up, organize everything and implement order. Add some candles, a few plants and open the shades, and you’ve got a space designed for calm.

The things you don’t do have as much of an influence over your life as those you do. If you are overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated, now is the time to look at your choices and make new ones that perpetuate a better life. Remember, nobody can tell you how to live, it is up to you to treat yourself well and stop engaging in behaviors that hinder your health and happiness.

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