Motivation - We All Need It - Here's How To Get It

Everyone is in need of motivation at some time or another. Running a business can be challenging and can take a toll on both our physical and mental health. Here are some things you can remind yourself of when you are feeling a little out of it and lack the motivation to get things done.


Think about it. there are so many types of bread, paint, nail polish, and even television channels! If it was supposed to be a one-and-done thing, there wouldn't be any differences in things, Nothing would be unique. It would just be one thing. Boring right? It is SO easy to get discouraged because you see others doing what you want or are doing. Maybe you feel like they've been doing it for years, so how can you compare. Maybe you're thinking that the field is already drowned with information. IT'S NOT!

We all grow up differently. We all go through different things. That is what makes each and every one of us UNIQUE. The way you were raised may make you do something completely different than that other person. Our experiences in life shape the way we think and the way we learn. How we might explain or do something could be different than someone else. What we may make could be different than alllll the other versions out there! Don't let the fact that it has been done before or it's not "new", slow you down and stop you. You do YOU and the right people will like it!


This is so important to remember! A lot of the time when working, we don't have the motivation because we know that it may take hours, even days, to complete one task. Does it have to take that long, or are we not actually getting work done?

We've all heard that saying, "Work smarter, not harder.". Put that into practice! Granted, certain things may take longer than expected. But, if it doesn't have to take hours to complete, why are we spending hours doing it when we could be doing something else?

So how do you make sure to actually get the work done?

- Write a list of things you need to do.

This list can include as little or as much information as you want. You can even write out each step you need to take to complete that task. This will help you to stay focused and not spend more time than needed on one task.

- Set a goal for how long you will spend on each task.

After your time is up, move on to the next thing. Now, this can be hard for some - especially if that previous task isn't complete. BUT! Taking a break from what you're working on is sometimes exactly what you need! You can come back to it with a fresh mind and a new perspective and finish it quicker than you would if you were spending hours at a time on it in one sitting.

- Limit your distractions

Now, this doesn't mean not having your tv or music on. Some people need that background noise to actually focus on what they are doing. What it does mean though, is to make sure you're not turning on your favorite show or that new episode that came out last night. THAT WILL NOT BE HELPFUL! If you are one of those people, like me, that need noise in that background to get things done, turn on a show or youtube video that you've seen before. You can even put something on that is new, but that you're really not that interested in. That way, you'll still have your noise and little breaks every time you look up to watch, but those eye flicks up won't last more than 2 seconds!


Let yourself take that break!!! Rome wasn't built in a day. and it certainly wasn't built with tired people who didn't take breaks! Everything takes time and that's ok. Remember to take breaks here and there. It'll be worth it! That break may be just the thing you needed to remember the idea you had the day before. Or to recharge for the new task at hand. Whatever the case, don't feel bad about taking a break. Take a whole nap if you need to! I promise you won't regret it! And if you do... well, I cant help you with that.

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