Reaching Your Business Goals.

Updated: Feb 15

Many small businesses start out as just that - small. Soon though, they grow and may even be offered opportunities they've only dreamt of. How do they do this?

Of course, not everything works for everyone or every type of business. I for one, love having a small business and want to keep it small. BUT, I also have certain goals I want to meet and am finally meeting, all because of these steps I've taken. So, what did I do & how can you apply that to your business to meet your goals? Keep reading to find out!


I'm sure you've heard it before but being consistent on your social platforms is so helpful to your business! No matter which social platforms you use, try to make and stick to a schedule of posting. Doing this allows your followers to know when to expect new content from you. If you are more of an Instagram lover, choose the days and times you want to post. You could post once or twice every day or every other day. If you go days without posting, try to be sure to add to your stories those days. Follow these steps for your other platforms as well.

Pinterest is another platform that reaches many people and brings traffic to your site. Take advantage of it! The more active you are, the more monthly views you will likely get. Be sure to add a website to each and every pin you create as well! Make it easy for your customer! Don't make them have to search for what they want. Lay it right in their hands!


There is only so far you can get if you're not talking to the right people. If you have a certain brand you've been wanting to work with? Follow them! Make sure you are commenting on their posts. Whenever you use any of their products, tag them in the picture and mention them in the captions and hashtags. Soon, your hard work will pay off and they will be doing the same with your work!

As I said before, these are the things that have worked for me. Everyone is going to have to customize and tweak what they do to fit their brand and business. Why not give it a try and see what happens!


Everyone has an opinion, BUT, that is exactly what it is - AN OPINION! People will tell you that your prices are too high. They will say that no one would buy it if it costs this much. They may even tell you exactly what price to set it at! And after they do all of that, they will go spend the same amount of money you are charging on something else... that is machine-made!

Every business has a target customer - or at least should. Set your prices as you see fit, and if people don't want to pay, they are not your target customer. It's as simple as that! People will spend money on what they want to spend money on. AGAIN... PEOPLE WILL SPEND MONEY ON WHAT THEY WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON!

I own a knit and crochet online boutique. I can't count how many times people have told me to lower my prices or that they are too high. A scarf can take anywhere from 3 to 20+ hours to make. It all depends on the materials used. If I charge $65 - which is on the lower side of handmade items - for a scarf that took 10 hours to make, that is $6.5/hour, not even taking into account the cost of materials. People will say that is too expensive, yet go purchase a scarf at a department store that costs the same amount but only took 30 minutes to make on a machine. Moral of the story? Know your worth and your business' worth. As long as you believe in your business, others will. And if they want what you're selling, they will buy it, no matter what it costs!

Gabrielle Elise


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