Staying Creative

It's not always easy to stay creative, especially when we're facing difficult times like these. The world is finally opening up but has being locked down affected our creativity for too long and too much? Here are some tips you can try if your creativity has been stifled.


Being in nature offers many different ways to find creativity. Take inspiration from the colors of

changing leaves outside. Look at the architecture in your city. Just get outside!

You don't have to go on a long walk. It is scientifically proven that going outside for even 10 minutes a day helps to rejuvenate people. Getting out of the same space you've been in for days can help to clear your mind and open up space for more creative ideas.


Your favorite playlist is your favorite for a reason. Take advantage of it! Let it run on replay as loud as you can take. Music is scientifically proven to improve your mood and your creativity. Listening to it while going about your daily activities can help you to stay creative even when you're not feeling any motivation to act on it.


We all know what happens when someone tries to force us to do something. It doesn't go well. The same goes for working when you're not feeling that creative flow and motivation. Take some time off and do something you love instead. Relax for a bit. The motivation will come. In the meantime, do things that will help you when the motivation and creativity come back.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! You do your best when you are having a good time and doing what you love! Do you have anything you do to help yourself stay creative? Share it in the comments below!