Staying Healthy With Preventive Screenings

It’s been a rough year.  Working from home, helping the kids with school, and trying to balance work and family life.  As women, we often neglect our own needs in favor of everyone else’s.  

But, the year is almost over.  It’s time to think about yourself.  Here are some preventive screens you need to stay healthy.

Pelvic Exams

Starting at 21, you should get a pelvic exam every one to three years and start when you become sexually active.   Up to the age of 25, you should also get screened for Chlamydia once a year.  After 25, you should get screened every time you have a new partner.  Pelvic exams also include a PAP Smear, which helps screen for cervical cancer.

Breast Exams

One of the most important screens for women is breast cancer.  Starting in your 20’s, you should be getting a clinic exam yearly.  They will do a breast check for lumps.  You should also be doing this monthly at home.  

Depending on family history, Monograms should be done yearly, starting at age 40 or 50.  I know what your thinking.  They suck!  Yes, they do, but they are necessary to find any breast irregularities.  There is no better feeling than getting negative screening results a week later.  

Early detection is crucial to surviving the disease.  So don’t delay if you have been putting it off.


When you are in your 30’s, a thyroid test should be done every 5 years.  If you are not sure what the thyroid does.  It releases hormones that regulate essential body functions, such as:

● Breathing

● Heart rate

● Menstrual cycle

● Blood pressure

● Body temperature

● Mood

In other words, it’s an essential little gland that needs to function for you to be healthy.

These are only a few of the screenings you need to make sure your body performs at its best.  As you get older (starting in your 50’s), you will need to take more preventive health measures.  Ensure you have a good dialog with your doctor and don’t be shy about asking him or her about what you need or what’s recommended for your age!

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