What Sets You Apart From The Competition?

Thousands of businesses today when stripped down to the core, are re-imagined forms of another. Yet they are successful. Why? Why can there be five gyms in one city? Why can there be five donut shops on one street? Why can there be four bakeries in one town? Why can there be six hair salons on the same busy street?

It’s because their reputation sets them apart. It’s because their customer service sets them apart. It’s because their flavor sets them apart. It’s because their convenience sets them apart. Their products, what they stand for, their community, their services, their efficiency, their modernization… The list could go on and on. But, the point is, these businesses, whether small or large, have something about them that sets them apart from the competition. Do you?

Even if your first answer is no, think again. The first aspect of your business is YOU and your VISION. No one else has that. You may have the same business idea as someone else but your vision is different. Your target audience, your values, your technique, your goals, could all be different, and, therefore, sets you apart. So, once you identify your vision- your point of view- you are already becoming the competition.

Once you have an established point of view, you need to find where your audience is and the most effective way to reach them. You may find that the best way to reach your audience is through an online platform. If that’s the case, would your business thrive through an eCommerce site or your own website?

What if you find that your business’s target audience needs a physical location? You have a variety of choices. Your business might do well-conducted from your home. Could you conduct your business on location? Do you need a rented facility?

These two aspects of the business may seem obvious. And, they are. But, unless they are firmly rooted in the beginning, they could get lost as you try to grow. If your point of view and target audience are not clear to YOU, then they will not be clear to others. These are the first two essential parts of starting your business.

Now that you’ve thought about your vision and audience, it’s time to get started! Next, you need to know the Business Essentials to continue setting your business apart.

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